Jupiter Tower

You've come a long way to find yourself here

Raise your head and see the sky mirroring in the façade. It’s the Jupiter tower. Architecture that’s become a landmark of Skanste. An environment that emboldens to strive for more. Discover the next chapter of your business story with Jupiter tower!

A new perspective

Jupiter tower is nestled in Riga’s central business district – Skanste. It’s an evolving neighborhood that’s praised both by entrepreneurs and inhabitants, craving modern living environment. And it’s no surprise – in close proximity to Jupiter tower, one will find countless retailers, health and fitness facilities and culture hubs. Skanste is flourishing as one of Riga’s art and innovation hotspots as well, hosting a contemporary art center and a creative quarter.

Standing tall and angular, Jupiter tower has become one of Skanste’s landmarks. The glass walls encapsulate 14 floors of functional and versatile premises. Open office planning stimulates exchange of ideas and encourages team spirit. Employees’ well-being is ensured by the excellent indoor environment and the elegant interior, consisting of high-quality finish and luxury design elements. Jupiter tower offers a mesmerizing 360-degree panorama view which allows one to work in the rhythm of Riga. The city is easily accessible as well – the well-considered infrastructure allows for quick transitions to wherever one desires.

What’s the most exciting part of the Jupiter tower’s story? It’s already here. While plans of equivalent business centers are still only on paper, Jupiter tower is a solid value that invites dynamic doers to forge their success stories here and now!

Home for your achievements in Riga's central business district


A class business center
14 floors, 530 m2 per floor, total rental area – 8 052 m2
Offices of various planning styles from 150m2
160 parking spaces in a two-level underground parking lots, velo & moto parking lots
Excellent indoor environment quality – ventilation, heated and chilled ceiling system, ability to control the micro-climate based on the tenants' preferences
Utilities of Jupiter tower are linked within the building-management system (BMS), which enables automatic reading of energy meters and analysis of the building energy consumption data
State-of-art energy efficiency solutions
A 360-degree view
Premises can be customized to match tenants' preferences
Room rental upon request

See Riga mirroring the planes of Jupiter tower


Jupiter tower is located in Riga’s heart of business – Skanste, Skanstes st. 7-k1. Jupiter tower is easily accessed from anywhere in Riga either by car or convenient public transportation. The neighborhood is lively and vibrant both during the day and the evening – retail stores, sports center and cultural places are in close proximity to the business center.